Innerraum is a new form of language translated into individual polyphonic objects.

Polyphonic objects that through the manipulation of the concept of luxury, disintegrated into an ecstatic conflict with our own subconsciousness, affirming the birth of a new aesthetic.

Innerraum has its emphasis on the body: where every single object is experienced as an extension of the body and is a metaphor of the body itself: just like the body is made up of parts assembled together, we can experience it as our shell too. The Innerraum object bags are shells assembled together, containers of our personal belongings and of our experiences.

Transformation is at the center of the Innerraum experience, because Innerraum starts precisely from the concept of transformation through the assembly of parts that are extraneous to each other, belonging to another imaginary, to other experiences, assembled, integrated, fluidified in these unique objects.

Innerraum is made with high-quality hypoallergenic circular economy recycled material all made in Italy.

Innerraum joined the children and youth initiative Plant-For-The-Planet in January 2020, becoming Climate Neutral by offsetting its annual greenhouse emissions through planting the equivalent of trees that capture emitted CO2 from the atmosphere and additionally enables the empowerment and support of children and youths worldwide as Climate Justice Ambassador.

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